Can A Relationship Be Mended?

A relationship can always be mended when the partner takes the quarreling ex’s needs into account. Many break up because of poor communication. Women often expect men to have a higher capacity for emotional intelligence than they were given. If you’re a guy, and can’t infer what a women wants after a break-up. Even if you are someone in prison, there are options for you. There are plenty of prison dating websites that offer services for hooking you up. So don’t think just because you are in prison or jail that you cannot find love.


You Will Have No Success If…


magic3There are a few guidelines in the E-book which some find difficult to follow. Critics of The Magic Of Making Up have often failed cutting off communication and giving their ex space after a break up. This can be the hardest step to follow. There are so many options to communicate. Even a happy birthday post on Facebook can open up communication too soon.


The Magic Of Making Up Will Not Work For You If You’re Not Willing To Change


The magic of making up stresses self-improvement for guys. Women want to see that you’re going somewhere. Getting a promotion, or graduating can be a great way to get one back in your life.


If you’re not willing to put in the effort to better yourself, reading the e-book will not work for you. The chances of bettering yourself improving your chances of winning your ex back increase greatly if she left you because of your lack of ambition.


Take Hold Of Your Emotions


When you’re ready to communicate with your Ex again after the break up, make sure that you’re actually ready. Too many people rush into this step. It makes the method not work for them.


The first comment sent to your Ex should be warm and friendly, but not emotional. It may seem cruel, but women find vulnerability unattractive. We want to know that a man’s emotionally stable. Always wait until you can be collected before talking to your Ex.


Let Her Know How Well You’re Doing


We want to see progress before letting a man back into our lives. If you’ve recently gotten a job, enrolled in school, or something of that nature, let us know. The Magic Of Making Up mentions improving yourself, but it fails to mention how important it is to let your Ex know you’re doing it.


Won’t Work For Every Broken Relationship


Sometimes, when it’s not meant to be, it simply isn’t. After a period of a few weeks of trying the strategies, and seeing no results, it’s time to accept that it’s not meant to be. Luckily, there are over six billion people on the planet. You’re sure to meet someone.